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Joona Linna [2]

contract - Lars Kepler

The second book of Lars Kepler in which the police detective Joona Linna plays a major role. 

It's titled Contract, subtitle/comment:


Some promisses can not be broken ... even not by death...


This is about arms/weapon/ammunition trafficers that blackmail government officials by a devil's contract (called Pagannini contract) that can't be broken. Untill there picture is taken and send to Penelope Fernandez, a well known peace activist.

The start of bloodcurdling race between detective Joona Linna and the professional killers sent out by the arms industry to get rid of all evidence.


Though for me the first part isn't realy reaching the level of Kepler's first Joona Linna book (Hypnosis), in the second part of the book the speed picks up and reaches a very exiciting end. Because I had a bit of a hard time getting through the first part, I don't give 4 stars. Nevertheless I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next Joona Linna , the man who's always right -- well almost always ....