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I've always been an addicted reader. I read about everything preferring fantasy, thriller, crime, suspense and adventure. Though not much of a reviewer, I 'll let you know what I'm reading and what I think of it ....


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Met de Franse slag
Katie Fforde
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A French Affair

A French Affair - Katie Fforde Met de Franse slag - Katie Fforde

I started this Fforde, well, because, I guess , I was curious. Saw Fforde appear on several book lists and wanted to know what it was all about.

I'm now more than 10% done in A French Affair (I'm reading it in dutch), and there hasn't actualy happened anything, though I can already kind of predict how this is going to evolve ...


Not sure if I'm going to stay with it till the end ....

What to read next

Suggestions anybody ?

Joona Linna [2]

contract - Lars Kepler

The second book of Lars Kepler in which the police detective Joona Linna plays a major role. 

It's titled Contract, subtitle/comment:


Some promisses can not be broken ... even not by death...


This is about arms/weapon/ammunition trafficers that blackmail government officials by a devil's contract (called Pagannini contract) that can't be broken. Untill there picture is taken and send to Penelope Fernandez, a well known peace activist.

The start of bloodcurdling race between detective Joona Linna and the professional killers sent out by the arms industry to get rid of all evidence.


Though for me the first part isn't realy reaching the level of Kepler's first Joona Linna book (Hypnosis), in the second part of the book the speed picks up and reaches a very exiciting end. Because I had a bit of a hard time getting through the first part, I don't give 4 stars. Nevertheless I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next Joona Linna , the man who's always right -- well almost always ....




Joe Abercrombie

Still reading the last part of the First Law Trilogy , about 65% done now and stil love it, though some parts more than others ... the king and the first wizard aren't my favourite characters...

wonder what will happen to them ... this last part is called .. the last argument of kings ...


Wonder what to start reading next, any suggestions are always welcomed  !





BTW my shelf count got stuck on 110 books though it shows many more (I transferred 666 ! books from GR) in the 'read' and 'to read' shelf ....

My bookshelves from GR are being transferred and also the reviews are (slowly) coming through ... 

Part 3 of the First Law Trilogy

Moving to part 3 of Joe Abercrombie's First Law Trilogy, in dutch: De eerste wet , deel 3 , De val van de koning:. 


Love this trilogy ... 



currently reading

Currently reading Joe Abercrombie's part 2 of the "First Law" series (before they are hanged), in dutch (De weg van de angst -- de eerste wet # 2), and realy love it, just like the first part ....


Hi, just started here today (saw some comments of a goodreads friend(stacia) and followed her overhere. Trying to download my goodreads bookshelves overhere -- 666 books (yeah I know the right time to move--), but seems to be taking an awfull lot of time....

De macht van het zwaard / druk 1: de eerste wet boek 1 - J. Abercrombie Love the concept of starting in different places with different characters, without any link at first, and then slowly having everything coming together and the links becoming clear. And step by step you start learning about this fantasy world, while being kept curious as , of course, not everything is revealed, and there always something new to look forward to ! If you love epic fantasy or adventure in a fantasy world, with gritty characters, this is highly recommendable ...
Elise (Middernacht #3) - Lara Adrian Although many note this book as the best in the (first three) of this series, I liked it the least of the three. (Though the star rating doesn't show any difference, I gave a three to all of them).I liked the two main characters (Tegan and Elise) more in the previous part than now that they are playing the main role ... Nevertheless as with n° 1 and 2 it is indeed an easy read with a soothing mix of PNR, some action and excitement, romance, and ,at least in my opinion, a bit an annoying open end (clearly opening the door to a or several sequel(s)).
Middernacht, tweede boek- Tess  - Lara Adrian Compared to part 1 (Gabrielle) this second book in Adrian's PNR series reads even easier and faster. I didn't expect anything more, and I got what I expected.
Middernacht, eerste boek - Gabrielle - Lara Adrian Though I'm not realy a vampire fan, nor a great admirer of the typical PNR genre(so I didn't read that many of them, and can't realy compare), I thought this one is ok, more a 3 1/2 star. I went through it pretty quickly, because of the fluent style and nevertehless curious how it would continue. Though its general plot is quite predictable and I got what I expected: some paranormal suspense , the good fighting the bad , some romance and at the end the good one wins and gets the girl (or the girl wins and gets the good one). And so I want to read the next book in this series...
De alchemist (De geheimen van de onsterfelijke Nicolas Flamel, #1) - Michael Scott, Henny van Gulik This was actualy a re-read, though I forgot a lot about it ... it all came back soon. It is still a very nice fantasy adventure !

Exile's Return (Conclave of Shadows Series #3)

Exile's Return (Conclave of Shadows #3) - Raymond E. Feist The end is more like a start ! Up for the next series ..

King of Foxes (Conclave of Shadows Series #2)

King of Foxes (Conclave of Shadows #2) - Raymond E. Feist Maybe more like a 3.5 stars, I find it a good book, but not as good as the previous one in this series (Talon of the Silver Hawk). Curious to start the last part of this trilogyv!
Talon of the Silver Hawk - Raymond E. Feist Another interesting character created by master storyteller Feist. I read this very fast, and will start the next one quickly. Just want to know how it continues ..