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I've always been an addicted reader. I read about everything preferring fantasy, thriller, crime, suspense and adventure. Though not much of a reviewer, I 'll let you know what I'm reading and what I think of it ....


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De Offerplaats  - Tana French, Marjolein van Velzen More like 3.5 for the first part of the book.Liked the first part very much. There are several stories intertwined: the current case, the 'old, mysterious' case of which inspector Ryan was the victim/witness/actor and the Ryan-Maddox interaction. The suspense and mystery slowly builds up and than .... where it should come to a climax, we get to know the answer for the current murdercase....And the story drifts on for another fifty-odd pages...Based on the first part I'd like to check out some more books by Tana French, one in which she manages to keep up the tension and mystery till the end ...