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I've always been an addicted reader. I read about everything preferring fantasy, thriller, crime, suspense and adventure. Though not much of a reviewer, I 'll let you know what I'm reading and what I think of it ....


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Land van dromen / druk 1 (Minnesota trilogie) - Vidar Sundstøl I've been struggling a bit with this one. Set in the great lakes Minnesota region, a young norwegian traveller is murdered in a brutal manner. The body is found by the local forest keeper, Lance Hansen, and the murder investigated by the joined forces of FBI and a policeman from Norway. Though this summary looks like a classical who-done-it, the story is not. Many pages are spent with the thoughts of Lance Hansen , who quickly suspect that his brother has something to do with this brutal crime, the mysteries of the old indian country, the history of the scandinavian settlers and the live and love of Lance Hansen himself. The combination of all these different themes, together with the open ending, make this is a quite peculiar book. Though the pace of the story is in many cases very slow, and, at the beginning difficult to dig into, I found the mystery aspect quite interesting. Which makes me want to read the second part of the trilogy, though not exactly right away.